Site Context

Development Site Context

Community Assets

  • Iconic, diverse neighborhoods
  • Directly on current Metro bus line and Future BRT route
  • Proximity to many City services and community organizations
  • Proximity to major hospitals and clinics
  • Adjacent Opportunity Zone
  • Walkable and bikeable area next to prominent bike path
  • UW Arboretum and other natural amenities
  • Beltline and other major roads

Future Land Use

Future Land Use for Proposed Development Site

2018 Comprehensive Plan (Imagine Madison)
Helps determines use, density, height, and type of development.

Regional Mixed Use (RMU):

  • Intensive mix of region-serving retail, office, service, entertainment, civic, institutional, and high density residential uses
  • Mapped close to the junctions of major streets, along major roads, close to highway interchanges, and along existing and planned high frequency/ high capacity public transit routes.
  • Urban environment characterized by a pedestrian friendly public street network and buildings placed close to the sidewalk and street
  • Parking should be located behind buildings, underground, in parking structures; on street parking is desirable where possible


Traditional Shopping Street (TSS) District Recommendations:

The TSS District is established to encourage and sustain the viability of Madison’s mixed-use corridors, which sustain many of the City’s traditional neighborhoods.

  • Encourage pedestrian, bicycle and transit use.
  • Encourage diversification of uses, including residential, commercial, and civic uses, in order to enhance the vitality and appeal of these areas.
  • Maintain the viability of existing residential buildings located within or adjacent to these corridors.
  • Encourage appropriate transitions between higher-intensity uses within TSS districts and adjacent lower-density residential districts.

Neighborhood Context

Bay Creek Neighborhood Association:

South Madison Unite!:

District 13 Alder: Tag Evers – [email protected]

District 14 Alder: Sheri Carter – [email protected]

Neighborhood Demographics:

Development Steering Committee:

  • Mike Arnold
  • Pepe Barros and Fiona Weeks, Bram’s Addition
  • Allen Arntsen, Monona Bay
  • Tom Bunbury, Neighboring property owner
  • Abby Davidson, Bay Creek
  • Jennifer Ellestad, SSM
  • Lisie Kitchel, Bay Creek
  • Isadore Knox, SMPC
  • Jesse Laz-Hirsch, South Madison Unite
  • Maia Pearson, Burr Oaks
  • John Perkins, Greenbush
  • Jeff Richter, Capital View Heights
  • Napoleon Smith