• Luna’s is working with grocery consultant and development team to continue designing.
  • Luna’s is working closely with City on financial and design aspects of future grocery store.
  • The City and developers anticipate Luna’s closing on purchase of grocery store space in 2022.

Mariam Maldonado – Owner, future Truman Olson Development Tenant

Luna’s has an existing location on the westside of Madison. The future Luna’s grocery store location on site will be a full-service grocery store, offering fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh and uncooked meats, poultry and seafood, dairy products, canned foods, frozen foods, dry groceries and baked goods. The space will also include community space/space to enjoy food purchased at the store. The store will have a efficient, accessible layout with contemporary services and technology features, as well as covered parking.

The owner, Mariam Maldonado, is a Afro Latina/Black Woman from the Dominican Republic and has been part of the Dane County community for 17+ years. She possesses 12+ Years of experience in grocery store management in the Dominican Republic and Dane County area. She graduated from Edgewood College with a BS in Accounting

Definition of “full-service grocery store” (Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration):,Licensed%20as%20a%20grocery%20store.

Grocery Store Planning Timeline:

Grocery Store Planning Overview:

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Question: Will this grocery store have the same things as Pick N Save, a variety of foods at affordable prices?
  • Answer: The commitment from the development team is to provide a full-service grocery store. We will use research, including the community survey, to find out what the neighborhood needs. Customers will find typical items found at similar grocery stores around town.
  • Question: How much parking will be available for specifically for grocery store customers
  • Answer: We are committed to providing 60 covered parking stalls, which not only falls within zoning requirements, but the number of stalls Luna’s has expressed needing.
  • Question: Will the store be handicapped accessible?
  • Answer: Yes, the entire building will be accessible: grocery and residential units. Movin’ Out will go beyond the threshold for accessibility to make it accessible for all. Additionally, the development team is working with an accessibility consultant to identify areas accessibility can be improved in.
  • Question: How does the proposed square footage of the future store compare to the current Pick N Save?
  • Answer: The future store will be 24,000 square feet, which is close to the current Pick and Save. However, the new store will have a more efficient layout. Our space will actually feel larger.
  • Question: Will the grocery store include community space, or space to sit and eat?
  • Answer: The grocery store will include community space that can be rented for neighborhood events/meetings. Luna’s also plans to have a seating area for grocery store customers.