• The proposed development received UDC final approval on 1/13/21.
  • The proposed development received Plan Commission approval on 1/11/21.
  • The proposed development received Urban Design Commission (UDC) initial approval on 12/2/20.

Current Development Plans (Approved on 1/13/20)

Access to development plans: https://www.cityofmadison.com/dpced/planning/1402-s-park-street/3526/

Access to City of Madison Site Plan Verification Database (Agency Reviews in Process): https://crystal.cityofmadison.com/WebReports/adapter/XReport.aspx?env=Webaccess&export=true&exporttype=5&reportName=/Webaccess/SitePlanVerificationCombo.rpt&AltID=LNDUSE-2020-00127&Revision%20Number=9999

City of Madison Site Plan Verification Status – Agency Review in Process

Current Development Plan Overview

  • 24,000 square foot full-service grocery store
  • 150 total housing units:
    • 65 – one bedroom
    • 55 – two bedroom
    • 30 – three bedroom
  • 161 total structured parking spaces (including 6 ADA)
    • 60 spaces allocated to Luna’s Groceries
Park and Cedar looking Southwest
View from above – Park and Cedar looking Southwest
Cedar Street – Looking Southeast
First floor plan
Third floor plan
Fourth and Fifth floor plans
Roof Plan highlighting amenities

Project Overview

The proposed site, located in South Madison on Park Street (1402 S. Park Street), North of Wingra Drive, will be developed into a mixed-use affordable housing development, including units designated for individuals with permanent disabilities and their families, and a full-service grocery store.

Current Site

  • South Madison – 1402 South Park Street (North of Wingra Creek)
  • 3.25 acres
  • Current use: N/A
Proposed Site Location (Google)

Community Assets

  • Iconic, diverse neighborhoods
  • Directly on current Metro bus line and Future BRT route
  • Proximity to many City services and community organizations
  • Proximity to major hospitals and clinics
  • Adjacent Opportunity Zone
  • Walkable and bikeable area next to prominent bike path
  • UW Arboretum and other natural amenities
  • Beltline and other major roads

Project Programming

  • Diversity of housing units – multifamily and direct access units
  • “Beyond compliance” accessibility features
  • Grocery store
  • Community spaces, including community meeting space and rooftop space
  • Covered parking
  • On-site bike storage
  • Green Built Multi-Family
  • Improved vehicle, pedestrian, and bicycle connections

Development Team

Rule Enterprises, LLC – Co-Developer

Rule Enterprises specializes in strategic investing, and uses property development as a primary driver. Everything Rule Enterprises does is rooted in equity, equality, and dignity. Mission of solving problems that no one else may know exists all while creating high-caliber, distinctive development projects.

Rule Enterprises has a profound ability to study the cultural context within a particular neighborhood and incorporate those findings into an innovative, functional design.

  • Brandon Rule – President

Movin’ Out, Inc. – Co-Developer

Movin’ Out works with individuals and families to achieve long-term housing success, bringing people and housing solutions together in ways that help create inclusive communities. Movin’ Out develops new multi-family housing with most units affordable for low- to moderate-income households. Typically about 25% of the units are designed to be both the most affordable and the most accessible, affirmatively marketed to households that include members who qualify for long-term care due to their disabilities.

Movin’ Out approaches all work with attention to the ecological, social, and economic impacts of future development. As a proven non-profit housing developer, Movin’ Out has many decades of combined experience partnering with developers and working independently to build multi-family housing. To date, Movin’ Out has helped create more than 1,000 units of affordable rental housing in communities throughout Wisconsin.

  • Megan Schuetz – Real Estate Developer
  • Kathryne Auerback – Executive Director

Arc-Int Architecture – Architect

  • Edward Haydin – Managing Partner
  • Ryan Thacker – Partner

Saiki Design – Landscape Architect

  • Samantha Farrel Folger – Landscape Architect

Wyser Engineering – Civil Engineer

  • Wade Wyse – Civil Engineer

Urban Assets – Neighborhood & City Approvals

  • Melissa Huggins – Principal Planner
  • Marcus Pearson – Associate Planner

Planning & Engagement Timeline

Neighborhood Meetings

  • Neighborhood Meeting 1 – June 25, 2020
  • Neighborhood Meeting 2 – July 30, 2020
  • Neighborhood Meeting 3 – August 27, 2020
  • Neighborhood Meeting 4 – September 30, 2020

City Approvals

  • Urban Design Commission informational meeting – 10/7/20
  • Urban Design Commission initial/final meeting – 1/13/21
  • Plan Commission meeting – 1/11/21